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Why is my cell phone data connection, which I pay about $10/month for about 3 times faster than my cable modem at home, which I pay about $55/month for?


Speed Test Results


Okay, granted, the cellular connection gets throttled after 2GB/month and the cable modem triggers a nasty letter at 250GB/month, but seriously, why is there such a speed difference? (I get 8Mb/s down and 4mb/s up at home)

I am very happy that I recently switch back to T-Mobile after a three year hiatus to the AT&T network. I originally switched because AT&T covered my neighborhood in 3G, whereas T-Mobile had no plan to do so.  It seems though, that T-Mobile has caught up and surpassed AT&T in this region of Colorado Springs, though.  I used to miss about half of my incoming calls at home and at work because they'd never ring. Then about half the calls that did go through would get dropped or garbled at some point.  I had three different phones that were compatible with AT&T's network and they all did this! I called and complained all the time and used AT&T's stupid app for reporting dropped or non-connected calls.  All they had to do was give me a free microcell and I would have stayed!

But, now I'm back with my first-ever cell provider and I'm very happy. I switched in early March, and I've had exactly one call drop since then. Calls don't drop at my house, calls don't drop at work (even in the lab), calls don't drop along 30th street, calls don't drop on Centennial Ave. So far Ute Pass is really the only place I've noticed a lack of coverage, but that's difficult for all carriers since it's a deep, winding canyon.

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